Pioneers in Technical Education

In 2013, S3T founder, Eric Wise, launched the first coding bootcamp in the Midwest and one of the first Java and .NET bootcamps in the world. After years of success in the bootcamp arena, he set out to create a new approach to technical education. S3T leverages more than 150 years of industry and educational experience to deliver unprecedented scalability and speed to ROI.

Our Vision

To power the future by advancing technical education.

Our Mission

To create learning experiences that build job-ready skills.

Case Study

Reduce total program costs by 47%.

Find out how S3T helped a leading IT staffing firm reduce the cost of their internal upskilling program and achieve a nearly 100% completion rate across Java and Data courses.


On-Demand Experts for In-Demand Education

Our team has the technology, resources, and practical experience to help you develop and execute solutions for technical education.

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Technical Instructors
  • Learning Experience Designers (LXDs)
  • Program Administrators
  • Technical Writers
  • Professional Editors
  • Video Producers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Maintenance & Support Staff

What Makes Us Different

Our Process

We Begin With The End in Mind

Many learning experiences teach the skills, but not the foundation. We begin with the desired learning outcomes and reverse-engineer a pathway that takes learners from where they are to where they need to be through practical applications and assessments.


Define Targeted Learning Outcomes


Develop Skill Assessments


Configure Course Modules


Set Pace & Delivery Format


Deploy. Measure. Refine.

Our Solutions

Cultivate Job-Ready Technical Skills

From scalable program options to plug-and-play curriculum modules, our solutions are highly adaptable to address challenges, optimize learning outcomes, and fast-track ROI.